Guild Wars 2 Engineer WvW PvP (Yishi) Outnumbered 1

, Engineer fighting outnumbered / against-the-odds in WvW.
I provide commentary regarding my play-style and tactics.
2013-08-28 to 2013-08-31 | Blackgate T1 | vs JQ & SoR.

0:24 – 1 v [Thief, Thief, Thief, Mesmer]
1:31 – 1 v [Elementalist, Thief]
3:38 – 1 v [Warrior, Thief]
6:33 – 1 v [Elementalist, Elementalist]
7:54 – 1 v [Necromancer, Ranger]
10:32 1 v [Engineer] – [Guardian] – [Guardian, Engineer, Thief]
12:19 – 1 v [Guardian, Necromancer]
14:03 – 1 v [Mesmer] – [Necromancer]
15:31 – 1 v [Necromancer] (stealth style)

Yishis [RIOT] – Blackgate

Spec is condition | pistol/shield | 3-kit:


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Q: Why Runes of Perplexity since “they’re broken / OP”?
A: Perplexity being “broken” is a matter of opinion. I agree they are very strong. However, this is another reason why I present outnumbered fights. If I was just 1v1′ing everything in the video, then I’d feel bad. Against 2-4 enemies, I’ll take every advantage I can get. Confusion makes for a great counter when fighting an uphill battle, and I don’t regret taking advantage. To me, there’s still skill involved in timing a shield knockback/daze that can interrupt multiple enemies at once to turn the tide in your favor. I had the same complaints on thief – “OP broken class.” That’s fine, when I’m fighting outnumbered, OP is a non-factor.

Q: Where is your thief footage?
A: I’m enjoying the diversity and utility of the engineer at the moment. I overall am finding a higher personal skill cap with the engineer and love the added challenge. My thief is not dead and I still play him from time to time. While engineer is my current “main,” my thief is still around and more footage is always possible.

Q: What shield is that?
A: Brahm’s Shield. Was available in the gemstore during the Flame & Frost living world event. It is no longer available.

Q: What pistol is that?
A: Aetherized Pistol. From the Sky pirates living world event.

Q: What backpiece is that?
A: Dragon wings from the Dragon Bash event. It is no longer available.

Q: What armor is that?
A: Magitech armor from the gemstore. Shoulders and gloves are from achievement rewards.

Q: What dye?
A: Celestial, Pyre, Midnight Ice.

Q: Can you make more videos / videos about X?
A: No, sorry. I am very busy IRL and don’t have a lot of time to make videos. I make videos when I have a window of free time and some good footage to share. However, I cannot guarantee a schedule or certain content, sorry.

Q: Does this spec work in sPvP / tPvP?
A: Yes, it works very well. Replace runes of perplexity with runes of the nightmare and you may also want to consider “Auto-Immune Response” (30/0/0/30/10) for more condi management.,

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