Mechanical Engineering: Expectations vs. Reality

, We talk about what we thought mechanical engineering would be like vs what it is actually like. We want to make this video so students have an accurate image of what a Mechanical Engineer actually does.

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Position Descriptions – Oil and Gas Petroleum Engineers and Reservoir Engineers

, Energy Training Resources is a leader in oil and gas industry education. Our primary business is conducting industry overview courses for oil and gas companies, contractors/suppliers and accounting firms to improve their employees’ working knowledge, team-working capabilities and communication skills. We also have public courses available.

We are often asked to explain job titles used in the oil and gas industry. Many common titles provide only vague clues of the functions performed, such as geophysicist, landman, reservoir engineer, strategic sourcer or joint interest accountant. Some of these roles are so unique to the industry that you won’t understand an explanation unless you first understand a little about basic industry functions.
To provide context, we have grouped job titles into five different functions and have provided a brief description of each function. The functions covered include geoscientists, engineers, land positions, procurement and accountants. This information should be useful to anyone working in the industry, plus auditors, investors, recruiters, job seekers, etc.
This video is about the various types of engineers involved in oil and gas development and production.
To learn more about or courses, go to www.energytrainingresources.com,

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