Condition Engineer PvP Guide & Combo Tricks [GW2]

, Hello guys! This is my PvP Guide, I got a few requests to make such a guide/build so I decided to work on it. It turned out quite great if you ask me. What do you think about this?

Important Stuff:

Armor/Traits: 00:22
General Skill Rotation/Tricks: 1:15
Healing Combos: 2:46
Stealthing Combos: 3:46
Swiftness+Vigor Boost: 4:28
A little thing I missed: you can also use your F1 ability when Healing Turret is not up, this will also create a Water Combo Field, get creative with that!

I will be making another video with more Combo tricks, I didn’t add some advanced combos since they are hard to pull off for people who try this for the first time. Also I did not wanted to overwhelm new players with tons of information.

Song used from 0:00 till 0:22 is The Score – Arrival To Earth

I hope you can master the Condition Engineer thanks to this guide!

Checkout my channel for more Engineer videos! This is anything from PvE to WvW to PvP, I do it all and I enjoy it all!

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Wolfineer

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If there is music playing, I usually don’t own any rights to it. I just want to make the music more popular and list the Artist + title in the Description. This helps the artists aswell because he will gain more views on his YouTube videos (VEVO)

– Wolfineer,

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