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MyCoolJob: Industrial Engineer

, Tim Leopold, and industrial engineer with Honda, talks about his job. This video is being used as part of mycooljob.org, a production of WOSU Public media.

Mycooljob.org is designed for middle-schoolers and early high school students, to give them a taste of the real world after graduation, to show the pluses — and minuses — of real jobs. Interviews and photos of the professionals are paired with videos of them, as well as interactive blogs.

The project was funded by a grant through E-Tech, which specializes in using new technology so that Ohio learners will succeed in the world of tomorrow. The Columbus Dispatch also contributed to the site, offering free job-related content from its pages.

Four major career fields are highlighted:
Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Arts and Communication, and Health Sciences, all of which will be in demand in the next five to ten years, the same timeframe in which students looking at the site will graduate. In all, 15 full-time professionals offered to be part of the site. They share stories about their professional lives, which almost never follow a direct path, in an effort to demonstrate that career paths are never a straight line. Each voice allows students to meet and get honest advice from people who love what they do for a living, and find out why.,

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